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Hello! I’m Barb

Registered Psychologist

Hi, my name is Barb and I am a soul psychologist with a passion for helping others on their journey in this maze we call life. I take a holistic approach to health, healing and happiness that is grounded in Soul work. Our Soul sees the bigger picture and acts like an owner’s manual in helping us understand and navigate our life. Once we tap into this intuitive source within, we begin to heal from the deepest level.

My Areas of Interest


Anxiety & Stress

Feeling lost, alone and afraid

Life Transitions

Childhood Trauma

Spiritual Development

Interpersonal problems

Low self-worth and lack of self-love

My Approach

My passion is facilitating transformation at the deepest level by clearing up all your unfinished business, tapping into your Higher Self and creating a life that expresses your unique truth.

The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

Caroline Myss

Take time every day to do something that makes your soul smile

My soul is from elsewhere. I’m sure of that. And I intend to end up there.


The Soul is the truth of who we are.

Marianne Williamson

Contact Me

Feel free to drop me a mail

Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast Queensland


PH: 0417 700 456


I have a virtual office on the Sunshine Coast Queensland and am available for Telehealth sessions only (via Zoom, Skype or Phone)

I am also available for home or park visits from Maroochydore to  Caloundra.