The Soul: “The one line already written inside you…the one life you can call your own.” David Whyte

Hi, my name is Barb and I am a soul psychologist with a passion for helping others on their journey in this maze we call life. I take a holistic approach to health, healing and happiness that is grounded in Soul work. Our Soul sees the bigger picture and acts like an owner’s manual in helping us understand and navigate our life. Once we tap into this intuitive source within, we begin to heal from the deepest level. Our Soul holds our central lessons and brings situations into our life to help us learn. This is why we all have “issues.” If we can recognise that the “issues” are actually gifts from our Soul, we begin the journey into healing and releasing what no longer serves us.

In my own life, I have found that lessons keep repeating until we learn what it is we need to change, let go of, and release. I see this as patterns that become our “trademark” and keep showing up in our life through relationships or situations. For example I always had an abandonment trademark and as a result, kept attracting people who would abandon me. Why? So that I could heal this deep core wound. The problem arises when we veer towards blame and victimhood which then keeps us stuck in our pattern and our pain.

If you’re ready to navigate the depths of your Being and release old patterns, programs and Soul wounds, I would be honoured to support you.




The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.   

Caroline Myss

Take time every day to do something that makes your soul smile

My soul is from elsewhere. I’m sure of that. And I intend to end up there.  


The Soul is the truth of who we are.  

Marianne Williamson