Review your 5 top values (from the values blog). Remember, your values express what is important to you. They represent who you are: your “essence.” Our needs and wants are often expressions of our values. When you are assessing what you want, it can be really helpful to look at the relationship between values, needs and wants.

Explore your chosen values to see what they tell you about your needs and wants. Using the examples below, write down your 5 top values and what needs underlie each one. Then write down your needs and what wants underlie each of them. Then look at your wants (desires) and create a few goals for each one.


                 Changing values into needs


    Values                                                       Needs


1.Inner Peace                                                     1. I have a need for inner peace. In order to gain inner peace, I need time on my own.

  1. Security                                                           2. I have a need to feel secure. In order to gain this security, I need to have money in the bank.
  2. Adventure                                                        3. I have a need for adventure in my life. In order to gain this sense of adventure, I need to go on                                                                                      overseas trips to exotic places.
  3. Freedom                                                          4. I have a need in my life for freedom. In order to gain this freedom, I need to have a flexible time                                                                                    schedule that leaves me plenty of time to pursue other things.
  4. Learning                                                           5. I have a need for learning. In order to fulfill this need for learning, I need books and learning                                                                                        opportunities (workshops, courses).


                  Changing needs into wants (assessing what you want)


    Needs                                                        Wants


  1. I need time on my own.                                      1. I want my own room (sanctuary) where I can spend time on my own and where I will not be                                                                                           disturbed.
  2. I need to have money in the bank.                     2. I want to create a savings plan.
  3. I need to go to exotic places.                              3. I want to go to Vietnam.
  4. I need plenty of flexible, free time.                      4. I want a job that allows plenty of freedom (my own business).
  5. I need to learn.                                                    5. I want to buy a new book each month and to attend interesting workshops or courses at least 4                                                                                    times a year.


                  Changing wants into goals


Wants                                                           Goals


  1. I want my own sanctuary in the house.                                1. A) I will discuss with John my using the spare room.                                                                                                                                                         B) This weekend I will clean out the spare room and put my old desk in it.                                                                                                                       C) I will go shopping for some new curtains next pay day.                                                                                                                                                 D) I will buy 2 pot plants and a nice lamp the following pay day.                                                                                                                                       E) Next weekend I will set up the room with my personal things (angel cards, journal,                                                                                                          pens, etc.
  2. I want to create a savings plan                                                 A) Find a budget form on the internet.                                                                                                                                                                               B) Gather all old bills from last year.                                                                                                                                                                                   C) Write a budget with John. Decide how much we can save each payday.                                                                                                                     D) Open a new savings account. Arrange a direct debit for savings.


Assess the values underlying your wants

This is another way of assessing what you want. In order to understand why you want certain things in your life, explore what needs and values are expressed by a want you have.


   Wants                                                Values

  1. I want a relationship                                                                1. I need companionship and love. One of my values is love.
  2. I want a convertible Astra!                                                       2. I need a car that feels fun to drive. One of my values is excitement.
  3. I want to learn to paint.                                                            3. I need to express myself creatively. One of my values is creativity.
  4. I want to do meditation.                                                           4. I need to be connected to my inner self. One of my values is inner peace.
  5. I want a baby.                                                                          5. I need to be able to give my love and nurturing to a child. One of my values is                                                                                                                love. I also value family.