A positive self statement is a paragraph that describes who you are and what you believe you give to others and the world. It is useful to have a written statement that you can use when you are feeling down or discouraged about life.

Write it in the front of a journal or on a piece of paper in your bedside drawer, somewhere easily accessible.

Creating a positive self statement and reading it to yourself can be all that you need at times to lift your spirit. It brings you back to your essence as a human being and acknowledges your beauty and what you give to others. It is such a simple statement, but one that has great power. It is like a healing balm when your soul is weary. Spend time creating a positive self statement when you are feeling good about yourself and read it when you are having a bad day or you are full of self-doubt and low confidence.


You will need about 30 to 40 minutes to complete the exercise.

Answer the following questions with the first thing that comes into your mind.

* Choose 3 words that describe what you love to do. Examples: garden, bake, cook, coach, travel, paint, walk, soothe, listen, guide, explore, learn, heal, solve….

* What 3 words would describe your best qualities. Examples: I am caring, practical, generous, inspiring, compassionate, loyal, supportive.…

* What do you give to other people? Examples: support, hope, love, compassion, calmness, laughter, a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, hugs, openness….

* If I asked your best friend or work mate, what 3 words would they use to describe you? Examples: Caring, supportive, loyal, funny, artistic, kind, dependable, encouraging, helpful, insightful, easy-going….

* Complete this sentence: I am most myself when…..

Examples: I am with close friends and family eating a meal.

* What makes you happy?

Examples: A sunset, learning new things, feeling close to my kids.

* What are you most passionate about?

Examples: books that enrich my spirit, helping others find peace, creating a better environment for my grandchildren.

Writing your statement: Using your answers to the above questions, create a positive statement about yourself. Try to incorporate all of the different aspects to who you are and what makes you happy and fulfilled.


(Your Name) is a woman full of compassion, love and understanding. She inspires, challenges and encourages many hurting souls. A lover of the simple pleasures: sharing meals with family & friends, walking along the beach, reading, dreaming, listening to music. Creative, dreamy & passionate by nature, (Your Name) exudes a warmth, love and genuineness that is hard to find. A caring friend, a dedicated healer, a loving wife and Mother.