Would you like to create the life of your dreams? Let’s pretend for a moment that I am a fairy and I have come to you with my magic wand and I can grant you any life you want – an amazing life just for you!. My magic wand can bring about any wishes, desires or dreams you could ever imagine. So put on your creative hat and let’s begin.



First, settle back,  grab a tea or coffee and a pen and paper. Put on some of your favourite music. Relax and close your eyes for a few minutes and go inward.  Begin to ask yourself : “What would the life of my dreams look like?” Answer the following questions and as you do so, use your gift of vision (your mind’s eye) to see your most ideal life. Pause between each question long enough to build up the energy of what life you are creating. We create by visualising and feeling into it as if it is real.


  • In your perfect dream life, where would you be living? At the beach? In the mountains? On a farm? What kind of house would you be living in? A mansion? A cute cottage? An old renovated house? Create the picture in your mind of this place.


  • Who would be there with you? See them there in your vision.


  • What would it feel like? Relaxed? Exciting? Warm? Really feel into the picture you are creating.


  • What work or study would you be doing? Imagine it.


  • What would your relationships look like? Create each of your relationships exactly how you would like them to be.
    • With your partner…..
    • With your children…..
    • With your family of origin…..



  • What would you look like? Think about body shape and size, your health and fitness, your hair and clothes, and the look on your face. Feel what it will feel like when you look like this.


  • What would be your purpose? Think of what you value most, what you are passionate about, what you love doing in this dream life of yours.



Now write a paragraph bringing it all together. The life of my dreams would be……….


Read your written vision of your dream life every day. Include the following affirmation: “I deserve to have a wonderful life. I deserve everything in my vision. All good is coming to me now. I create the life of my dreams.”