If you struggle with low self-esteem, and would like an easy method to improve it, this guided meditation is for you. Underlying most difficult issues are negative messages that were accepted as truth at a young age. These messages have become deeply ingrained within the subconscious mind.  This guided meditation was created to help shift these. While you are in a deep state of relaxation, your subconscious mind is more receptive and open to change and more willing to accept new ideas and beliefs. You will be guided to let go of old negative messages about yourself and replace them with some positive messages. You will also be given the opportunity to create your own personal mantra, a statement you can use daily. Through this guided meditation, you will make a connection with the deeper truth of who you are. If you listen to this guided meditation daily for 21 days, and use your personal mantra throughout each day, you will notice increasing improvements in your self-esteem. *

*Please  note: only listen to this meditation while in a safe place, not while driving or doing anything else that requires concentration.


List of Mantras

I am valued

I know I am loved just for being me

I am worthy

I am important

I am filled with light and love

I am a child of the Universe

I deserve love

I am enough

I exist

Who I am is enough

I have a right to be here

I have a purpose and destiny

I am courageous

At my core, I am beautiful

I am deeply loved

My essence is love

I belong

I am safe

Journal Exercise

  1. Divide a page in your journal into 2 sides (draw a line down the middle). Write your mantra on one side of the page….do you believe it? Is it easily absorbed by you or is there a negative voice that comes up to refute it? On the other side of the page write whatever comes up for you (negative or positive responses, doubts, fears,etc).
  2. Write the mantra again on the left side of the page and write what comes up again. Keep doing this practice until you have nothing left on the right hand side (no further doubts, negative responses). How does that feel for you?
  3. Write about your mantra. What it means for you. What will it mean in your life when you live as if it is absolutely true?
  4. Write it on a card and use daily as part of your meditation.