A life based on your values will bring fulfilment. What is a value? A value is something you hold in high regard. It is a personal principle. It’s what you judge as important in your life. Your values reflect your passion in life.


What values are important to you? Below are some suggestions, but feel free to add others. Go through the list & highlight the 5 most important to you.


Then write these on a card and put the words I AM in front of them. Read these statements several times a day.



Creative                                  Inspiring                                 Artistic



Financially free                      Abundant                                Imaginative



Independent                            Sensitive                                 Compassionate



Adventurous                           Intelligent                               Fun



Laughter                                 Joyful                                      Loved



Passionate                               Serene                                     Quiet



Wise                                        Spiritual                                  Nurturing



Vulnerable                              Wild                                        Uplifting



Authentic                                Hopeful                                   Peaceful





Whole                                     Free                                         Alive



Generous                     Playful                                                Sacred



Understanding                        Strong                                     Good Enough



Calm                           Intuitive                                  Safe



Vital                            Healthy                                   Inventive



Beautiful                     Powerful                                 Respected